Project information

  • Category: Web optimization & affiliate system
  • Client: The Green Stamp
  • Project date: 15 Jan, 2021
  • Project URL: The Green Stamp

Website Redesign for better UX

When I started working with the founders of The Green Stamp (based in Netherlands), they had already set up a website using Wordpress. A preview of the original website is available in the video below. However, I identified a few aspects that, if addressed, could contribute to better user experience (UX). These include (in no particular order):

  • The business tag line needed to be clarified. The current tag-line "Eco choices made easy" with the hero image does give an impression of environment conservation linked to tourism. Though, it does not clearly say how that is being done.
  • Immediately after the hero section, there is a Call-to-Action (CTA) asking to "Shop & Donate". This needs to be repositioned as the first time visitors are yet to be introduced to the brand.
  • All the text was center aligned which is generally harder to read. So, I advised to use the "Justified" text alignment instead.
  • The menu items in their current organization structure were confusing and would soon become a hindrance as the brand evolves. While the current focus of the brand is to spread awareness and collect donations, the future plan is to faciliate eco-travel which required a significant restructuring of the menu.
  • Additionally, multimedia materials such as carousel images can be dropped and images need to be compressed to enhance loading time and minimize user bounce rate.
  • The homepage does not have much preview text about the brand, its work, its founders etc., so content needs to be restructured to incorporate such aspects. Thereafter, there will be CTAs for further information for the interested readers.
  • The main CTA of the brand is not made to stand out. For this, I recommended that the "Contact us" be made as a flashing button or at least a regular button and be placed near the menu header and also above the hero image to give a clear CTA especially for 1st time visitors.
  • While the founders already included a GDPR cookie notice, Disclaimer and Privacy statement, but as a service provider, I also recommended that they include a "Terms of Service" statement. This ensures the end-user is well aware of their rights and conditions of obtaining the services.
  • Growing the email list is extremely crucial for a business like The Green Stamp. So, I advised the founders to opt for Exit intent popup that subtly urges the visitors to signup to stay abrest with updates from the brand. This was not included in the original website design.
  • I also advised on simplifying the Green support options. Initially, the menu options to support The Green Stamp included options like:
    • Purchase & Donate
    • Just Donate
    • Support
    • Ambassador
    This was later simplified in the modified design to make it quick and easy for users to interpret.

After consulting with the founders over several 1-on-1 consultation calls, we came up with a UX focused website design as showcased below.

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Checkout their live website and you are welcome to contact me if you would like one too.